" I've studied several other martial arts and Combat SAMBO is the most comprehensive.Combat SAMBO incorporates some of the best techniques from other martial arts such as Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Karate"
- 30 something engineer

"I've learned more in Combat SAMBO in one year, than I did with four years in Kung Fu !"
- 30 something lawyer

"I like Combat SAMBO because if the bullies pick on me at school, I know how to
defend myself.",

-12 year old student

"Since watching the TV show 'Kung Fu' in the seventies and other martial arts movies, I've always been interested in martial arts. However I knew that I didn't have the time or the physical flexibility to be a "Bruce Lee". Combat SAMBO is a survival style of martial arts that anyone can learn, and get in shape doing it."
- 40 something software professional

"I wish I started this 20 years ago !" - 60 year old electrician

" I don't believe in violence, but unfortunately, we live in a violent world. Combat SAMBO is a defensive martial art, NOT an offensive one. I am learning skills which will help me defend myself - and that's important to me."
- 30 something teacher

I’ve been a police officer for 14 years. I started training in Combat Sambo with Michael Galperin in 1996. I wanted instruction in a practical martial art because a fellow police officer was violently assaulted by a suspect who nearly overpowered my colleague. I thought about the self defense training I had at the time which was pretty basic and I decided I needed more.
            I chose Combat Sambo because it is practical and fills in the gaps I saw in my professional training. Since then I‘ve used Combat Sambo techniques as a police officer. The techniques work and they cover a huge range of potential threats. There is no mystery to this. Combat Sambo emphasizes techniques based on decades of study. This combined with the learning atmosphere that Michael Galperin instills in his classes gives his students the tools they need to survive in a sometimes dangerous world.

- Glen Gerrans, Police Officer

I've been practicing various forms of martial arts for more than 25 years now. During first 20 years of these I have been trained and have various ranks in sport sambo, boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, kung-fu, hapkido. However I have always felt that none of these has enough variety to be applicable to unstructured situations in a real life environment. I have been really pleased to find out that combat sambo blends together and enhances all important aspects applicable to a self defense in a real life. It builds up confidence, teaches a multitude of proportional responses to all kind of different threats we can encounter out there - from family disagreement, to a hostage situation, from an assault of a drunk brother-in-law, to a multiple armed gang attackers. My only regret is that I haven't started my training in combat sambo with Michael Galperin 25 years ago.
- 40 something engineer